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Catalyst 4500 VLAN config

i have a cisco 4500 switch......and the 4th line card on it has all the IP phones connected to it.there r primarily 2 VLANs....109 is for data and 145 is for i have an other switch(linksys).....which i want to use it for IP phones. I need to uplink this switch to this 4500 what should be the config on this linksys and cisco uplink port...

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Re: Catalyst 4500 VLAN config

Hello Sham,

the Vlan(s) used for VOIP phones need to be carried over the inter-switch link.

if it is only one you could think of an access link.

Otherwise a L2 trunk is needed.

In that case I would suggest to specify the allowed vlans

int gx/y


switchport enc dot1q

switchport mode trunk

switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,145

example the list is made of vlans separated by ',' without spaces in the middle. Ranges are allowed using the '-' sign

You need to define the vlans on linksys if it is configurable.

If it is a plug and play device you probably should configure the link as an access link in vlan 145

Hope to help


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Re: Catalyst 4500 VLAN config

thanks for ur response and for ur info...let me check with this solution u gave me...if this wont work pls i will get back to u and help me out with another solution...thanks again...

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