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Catalyst 4500e / Sup8e IOS XE support for vrrp

Hi guys,

I've seen posts about various commands missing from versions of IOS XE and a startement from Cisco saying,

"Since Cisco IOS XE contains Cisco IOS within itself as IOSd, all features created within IOS will also appear in IOS XE and vice versa. Only new integrated services and functionality created outside of IOSd will not be shared with a Cisco IOS release. However, these integrated services may be introduced on a Cisco IOS platform through the use of Integrated Services daughter cards which will be available on a platform by platform basis."

We are running IOS XE v3.03.0XO which, within the software guides state that support is available for VRRP on the 4500e/Sup8e. However, when running IPBase on that version on the 4500e, there are no commands available for VRRP.

Has anyone seen this or does anyone have any information to support why it may not be included when the documentation says other..

Cisco Employee

Hello Malcolm, I see the same

Hello Malcolm,


I see the same in the 3.3.0 release notes, however I cannot configure it in my lab either.  Let me do some digging and see if I can get you an answer. 




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