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Catalyst 4510 removing redundancy ??

Hello I have a 4510 Switch that is used as the Core Switch for the network, there are two  4516-10GE cards. As well as four 48 port blades, I would like all four of the gigabit uplinks on each of the 4516 cards to be active. The Ten Gigabit uplinks are not in use and will not be needed.

Currently since the Switch is set for redundancy in sso mode, only 2 of the uplinks are active on each card.

We do not need redundancy in the network as each uplink goes to a different Access Switch throughout the building.

If I issue the command   " no redundancy "  what affect can this have on the network ??

And will this make the 2 uplinks on each card show as " down" , instead of " inactive ".

The 4516 cards are in slots 5 and 6.  Slot 5 is active and slot 6 is in standby.

Any input would be great.



Community Member

Catalyst 4510 removing redundancy ??

Anyone have any ideas here??

I also need to correct something above , I need to activate all 4 links on both 4516x cards there are 2 tengig ports on each card and 4 gigabit ports on each card, because of redundancy and both of them are Supervisor cards 1 is active one is standby only 2 links can be active. I need to activate all 4 on each. Anyone have any idea how to do that I tried following some guides on cisco but no luck.

Any help is really appreciated

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