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New Member

Catalyst 500 Smartports config for wireless VLANs?

Hi all,

I have an Aironet 1130AG a Catalyst 500 Switch, and an ISP-managed Cisco router in my network. Currently everything works great, but I want to add a special wireless VLAN for restricted access to the internet only.

The router in place has FE 0/0, which was our original internal gateway (, and FE 0/1, which has been repurposed as our new guest gateway ( It's also configured to provide DHCP leases to the 192.168.200.x network.

The 1130 is all configured, with an internal SSID linked to VLAN1 (Native) and a guest SSID linked to VLAN2. I've also gone in and created a VLAN with an ID of 2 on the Catalyst, but I have some questions about how this setup should work on the switch end.

The 1130AG is plugged into Port 3 of the Catalyst which has the Smartport role "AP" with a native VLAN of 1. It's my understanding that the AP role allows access to all configured VLANs which sounds like what I want. The router's FE0/0 is plugged into port 23 with the Smartport role "Other" and an access VLAN of 1. I intend to plug FE0/1 into port 24 with the Smartport role "Other" and an access VLAN of 2. The reasoning here is that the "Router" role supposedly allows access to all VLANs, which is not what I want since these two networks should not be talking to each other.

Here are my questions:

- Will this work as intended? What I don't understand is how access VLAN ports work on the Catalyst. Do they tag frames with 802.1Q VLAN IDs or just isolate those ports from the rest of the switch?

- Will my DHCP server be able to send leases to the clients on the guest wireless network? I would think so, but again I'm not 100% sure. Should I specify a VLAN ID in the advanced DHCP options?

- Will I need to specify a VLAN ID for my router's FE0/1? Again, I have no clue here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Re: Catalyst 500 Smartports config for wireless VLANs?

The Smartport role Router automatically enables 802.1Q trunking on the port. If the main interface of the remote router is used, make sure the interface of the router is part of the native VLAN of the switch port. The interface of the router can be sub-interfaced to provide interVLAN routing for the Cisco Catalyst Express 500 switch.

Refer the below link it refers the Catalyst Express 500 Series Switches Configuration Example

New Member

Re: Catalyst 500 Smartports config for wireless VLANs?

Hi Matt

I'm several steps behind you :( so I'm asking for help, I have two aironet 1130AG LWAPP connected to a catalyst 500 and I'm trying to setup my wireless but after configure via smartports two ports as APs for my devices and connect them they are not recognized, the status led is blinking red, pink and green and therefore I have not wireless yet. Could you please give some ideas on how to do the configuration or maybe you know a good manual to start studying. Any help would be really appreciated, I have spent several days with bad results :(.

Thanks in advance.