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catalyst 5505 switch set commands

Hi Folks

I have problem with Catalyst switch commands, I want to configure VMPS on Cisco 5505 Catalyst switch. I been through cisco website which explains VMPS database file and uploading through tftp. My question is how to create Vlans on catalyst switch, IP address to Vlan, how can we give IP address to a port interface which is connected to vmps client switch. I can do them on 3550 or 2900 switches but facing problem with catalyst 5505 switch.

How to configure ASCII file of database file of VMPS



Re: catalyst 5505 switch set commands

For creating vlans it is "set vlan XX" . To put it on a given port "set vlan XX slot/port.You cannot put an address on a port interface it is a layer 2 switch unless you have a RSM module in slot 2 which you create layer 3 SVI's and then put your ports into that vlan .To put a management address on the the switch it is " set interface sc0 X . X is the vlan you want the management address in . You cannot assign an address to a 2900 on the ports either just a single address to manage the switch on , the 3550 is indeed a layer 3 switch and you can do it on that box.

VMPS info for the 5500.

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Re: catalyst 5505 switch set commands

Thanks for your reply. How can other swtiches (2900 or 3550) will communicate to Catalyst 5505 switch if they dont have IP address for its specific VLAN. Like ABC Vlan, STR Vlan and XYZ Vlan are in operation. How can we set interfaces for Inter-Vlan Routing on Catalyst and other Layer 2 & 3 switches. Does it support any routing protocol ? if yes then how ? I am very confused

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Re: catalyst 5505 switch set commands

Hello Nice,

on the catalyst 5500 inter-vlan routing can be performed by a module called RSM that will connect via an internal trunk to the L2 switch backplane

To see if you have one:

sh module

look at the list of modules and see if an RSM is present.

RSM is a real Cisco router with its own IOS image that you can access from the L2 switch supervisor or by telnet to one of its IP addresses.

On RSM you will configure L3 interfaces like int vlan 50 where 50 is the L2 vlan number it associates with.

see the following about multilayer switching

Hope to help


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