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Catalyst 6500 / RSPAN Problems

Hi. Currently customer has CAT6500 running 12.1(20)E2 (Native IOS) and it was using two monitor sessions. One session was a regular session and the second one an RSPAN session. Now customer needs a third monitor session with another RSPAN VLAN.. we were receiving the following error:

Central6509(config)#monitor session 10 destination remote vlan 500

% Remote Source Session limit has been exceeded

We then delete the other RSPAN session so now it looks like this:

Central6509#sh mon

Central6509#sh monitor se

Central6509#sh monitor session all

Session 1


Type : Local Session

Source VLANs :

Both : 1-1005

Destination Ports : Gi6/33

But again we are still receiving the same error when trying to create the RSPAN session. Is there anything else? Now I'm not even able to create the original RSPAN session on the switch.

Any ideas?


Community Member

Re: Catalyst 6500 / RSPAN Problems

Correction... I'm able to create the original RSPAN session because the RSPAN vlan is being use as the source of the monitor session:

i.e. monitor session 10 source remote vlan 500

but when I delete that monitor session and create another one using the same RSPAN VLAN as a destination on the monitor session then I receive the error posted originally.

i.e. monitor session 10 destination remote vlan 500

Any ideas?

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