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catalyst 6509 OS and FTp

I have a new software version on a laptop which I am going to apply to a catalyst 6509 with cat OS. I have the laptop connected to a switch and the switch connected to the cat6509. I want to use ftp to upgrade the software version on the cat6509. I keep getting the not connected message. I am able to ping everything. What is the procedure I should use to upgrade this 6509. Does the 6509 have a ftp server or client in it?


Re: catalyst 6509 OS and FTp

Don't believe catos supports ftp, you would have to use tftp . Get a tftpserver put your file on it and just do a copy tftp command into bootflash or slot 0 then set your boot statement.

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Re: catalyst 6509 OS and FTp


This shows that CatOS does support FTP.

cat6500> (enable) copy ?

acl-config Copy ACL configuration to a device

config Copy configuration to a device

flash Copy from flash

ftp Copy from FTP server

log-cmd Copy log command buffer to a device

rcp Copy from RCP server

scp Copy from SCP server

tftp Copy from TFTP server

File name

cat6500> (enable) copy

This is from a Cat6509 running 8.5(6) on the sup.




Re: catalyst 6509 OS and FTp

That must have been an option in 8.x code , not available on the 7.6 code that we have so the box would have to have at least 8.x code to support ftp . Believe it started in 8.1 code.

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Re: catalyst 6509 OS and FTp

CatOS has an ftp client so you'll need an FTP server with the image on it.


set ftp username

Then enter:

set ftp password

This'll prompt you to enter the password for the user account you entered to use.


copy ftp flash

Just follow the instructions, you need to put in the address of the ftp server and the /path/to/filename to download.

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