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Catalyst C2950 Crash Explanation

Hi, I have a catalyst C2950 which crashed and the following message was displayed. I was just wondering if anyone had seen it before and could explain how the switch crashed?

%PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: System previously crashed with the following message:

%PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: Crash info file is flash:/crashinfo/crashinfo_1


%PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: C2950 Software (C2950-I6Q4L2-M), Version 12.1(22)EA1, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

%PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: Compiled Mon 12-Jul-04 08:18 by madison

%PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: Signal = 10, Code = 0x8, Uptime 6w6d

%PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: r0: 00000000, AT: 00000000, v0: 80760000, v1: 00000000

%PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: a0: A08A91EA, a1: 80CE38DC, a2: 00000000, a3: FFFFFFFF

%PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: t0: 0000FFFF, t1: 1000E701, t2: 10000000, t3: FFFF00FF

%PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: t4: 802CE148, t5: A091BDD8, t6: 00000000, t7: A091BDCC

%PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: s0: 80CE38DC, s1: 00000000, s2: A08A90B8, s3: 00000000

%PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: s4: 808304E0, s5: A08A90B4, s6: 80830000, s7: A08A90B0

%PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: t8: 80C512A4, t9: 00000000, k0: 00000000, k1: 00000000

%PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: gp: 807C8900, sp: 80C5CB20, s8: A08A91CF, ra: 8001183C

%PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: EPC: 00000000, ErrEPC: 801E1D20, BadVA: 0x00000000, SREG: 1000E703

%PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: Cause: 0x00000008 (code 2): TLB (load or ifetch) exception

%PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: Signal 10, Exception code (0x0008)!


%PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: Frame 00: SP = 0x80C5CB20 PC = 0x8001183C

%PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: Frame 01: SP = 0x80C5CB70 PC = 0x8001105C

%PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: Frame 02: SP = 0x80C5CBC0 PC = 0x801BA3BC

%PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: Frame 03: SP = 0x80C5CBD8 PC = 0x801BA3A8



%PLATFORM_CATALYST2950-1-CRASHED: -Traceback= 0 8001183C 8001105C 801BA3BC 801BA3A8


Re: Catalyst C2950 Crash Explanation

capture the output of

more flash:/crashinfo/crashinfo_1 and paste the same either on Cisco output interpretor or paste it in this forum.




Re: Catalyst C2950 Crash Explanation

Instead of using a lot of time on this your b est bet is to upgrade to the latest code which is 12.1.22 ea10a . If it continues after that then RMA'ing the unit is a good possibility.

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