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Catalyst Express 500 Series Switch - VLAN/Smartport Config

Hi all! Pretty new to Cisco stuff, and just wanted to do some testing to see what i can do. I would ideally like to setup a network where i have the normal internal network devices and public wifi access, and i though i may be able to setup such a scinario with this switch.

So here is the setup basically.

Coming into the building is ADSL braudband that is connected to a basic router provided by my ISP, it has DHCP, DNS and whatever else on it and it essentially manages itself, you cannot really configure individual ports on this router.

So coming out of the router is one Cat5 cable that is connected to the Cisco switch (into Gi1). All of the other ports are used for interal devices such as computers etc. This works fine, when a device connectes the details are passed through the switch to the router, DHCP is assigns an IP to the connecting device and the device can access the internet without any problem! Perfect!

The issue comes when i want to seperate the network for public wifi access, the idea is that a wireless access point is connected to the switch, for example on port FA10, and the wireless AP has an open network, when people connect they should be able to access the port on the switch that connects to the router for the internet (Gi1).

I have tried setting up VLAN's to do this created a VLAN called Cisco-Guest and put the FA10 port into the Cisco Guest VLAN however internet access is not possible and the laptop connected to Wifi receives a 169 IP address....

Acording to the instructions the guest role under smart ports with the Cisco-Guest VLAN allows a connection to the internet but no other devices, this doesnt seem to work though...

How do i tell the router which port to use for the internet and which one it should be allowed to access!

Help me.

Thanks !!!

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