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Catalyst Smart Install

I've been workign through the various documents available to get smart install working and have hit a brick wall.

My director's a 3560 and is enabled and working. The switch I'm testing this with is a 2960 patched directly to the director and after a bit of tweaking now gets a DHCP address from our MS DHCP server, picks up the director IP address and changes its hostname to the prefix configured on the director. The director also see the switch in Vstack status.

What isn't working is the auto download of the firmware of config, it doesn't even look like its trying.

I've added the bootfile and option 150 options to the MS DHCP scope.

I had to make three changes to the 2960 after the write erase and those were to enable VLAN 7 and add the ip address dhcp statement to the VLAN to get it to pickup a DHCP address and also add the switchport access vlan 7 statement to the uplink interface.

Director Config

vstack vlan 7
vstack config tftp://
vstack image tftp://

vstack hostname-prefix ULH-Switch

vstack director
vstack basic
vstack startup-vlan 7



Any help would be much appeciated.





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I know what's missing.  You

I know what's missing.  You need an image-list file.  This file contains the exact filename of your IOS.  The syntax of the filename is based on the built-in group with the extension and goes like this:  built-in_group-imagelist.txt


So if you have a built-in group of "2960s 24-2sfp-poe" then your image-file filename is "2960s-24-2sfp-poe-imagelist.txt".


Hope this helps. 


Read this:

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When I first enabled VSTACK

When I first enabled VSTACK on the director it created that file on the TFTP server and the file contains the name of the firmware Tar file.

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