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CATOS 6500


we are using cat0s (8.1)in 6500 switch in that i have seen one console (enable)for configuring switching and the router console for the routing and configuring the VLAN interface

in that i have created a three VLAN for ex: 107( 108 ( and 109 (for the internet access)

From the internet VLAN iam able to connect to internet but i dont know how to route the other VLAN for the internet access whether it should done in switching or routng

and also how i can do the inter-VLAN routing in CATOS

Pls suggest me fr this

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Re: CATOS 6500

Hello Vinoth,

intervlan routing is performed by MSFC.

But forwarding is performed by MLS = multilayer switching since Sup2/MSFC2 MLS is based on CEF.

Just verify with

sh mls

that MLS is working and sees the MSFC has its RP (routing processor).

For reaching internet from the other two vlans what is needed is a change in the NAT configuration of the border router (the one connecting to internet).

Actually, all these IP addresses are private per RFC1918 so we can expect on a device a presence of NAT commands and an ACL that defines net as the source ip addresses to be transated when going to internet.

You need to extend this ACL to include the other two subnets and you may need to add static routing or dynamic routing to make subnets and known to the NAT device.

How to find the device ?

look at the device the MSFC uses for the default route with

sh ip route

that next-hop should be that of the border router (or firewall)

Hope to help


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