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CatOS oddities on a 6504 box, clearing port config.


I mainly deal with IOS on 6500 boxes, but I have three boxes that still use CatOS.

I'm running CatOS 8.2(2) and the problem I have is this:

I used to have a couple of ports in trunk mode and they were etherchanneled (lacp). I have now turned it off and the ports are now not trunking and have just one vlan assigned to them.

The problem I have is that I want to get rid of the old lines from the config.

The lines I want to get rid of are these:

set port lacp-channel 4/5,4/19 mode off


clear trunk 4/5 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 4/5 auto dot1q

clear trunk 4/19 1-1005,1025-4094

set trunk 4/19 auto dot1q

The ports work just fine and just by doing sh trunk 4/5 shows that the port is indeed not trunking as it should be. But why on earth have Cisco made it so difficult to remove stuff like this from the config.

Any ideas?


Re: CatOS oddities on a 6504 box, clearing port config.

When you disable VLAN 1 on a trunk interface, no user traffic is transmitted and received across that trunk interface, but the supervisor engine continues to transmit and receive packets from control protocols such as Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP), VTP, Port Aggregation Protocol (PAgP), and DTP.

When a trunk port with VLAN 1 disabled becomes a nontrunk port, it is added to the native VLAN. If the native VLAN is VLAN 1, the port is enabled and added to VLAN The following URL may help you:

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Re: CatOS oddities on a 6504 box, clearing port config.

Was this reply intended for this thread?

If not then I can not see how your answer helps me to clear out the config lines in CatOS.

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