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CCME remote connection issues

Hello Guys,

I'm trying to set up a CCME for our office and been running through bif problems connecting the remote location by a site to site vpn set. in our main office we have a 2801 that runs the CCME and a ASA 5505 that we using for the vpn connections. Here's what we did we connected the 2801 to our 2960 switch on port 0/0 and the ASA is connected on port 0/1 and set to transparent mode. Our adsl modem also in connected to the ASA. Now we have internet connection coming to the router that can ping the internet but no connection on the switch. Basically I'm just lost i don't know if my design is wrong is so please help!!!


Re: CCME remote connection issues

Catalyst switch issues that deal with physical connectivity and data link errors, can be related to NIC issues.

New Member

Re: CCME remote connection issues

Can you send the snapshot of your switch, asa, & router configuration in regards to how each connect to the other.

Is your connection to the Internet failing from the switch or from the users connected to the switch?

The 2960 is not layer 3, so either your Router or ASA will have to be controlling the layer 3 connectivity.

Where are the users default gateway?

Where are the phone default gateway?

How many VLAN's are you using for the switch and router?

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