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CCNA ICND Question

Already I have taken the ICND twice now and received a 755 both times. I really do not know what Im missing and what im getting correct.

I know Cisco has a think where they want you to put extended ACL's and standard ACL's in different places to block the traffic.

My question is... If on the CCNA I chose entering the interface when I should have chose exiting interface as to where to my my extended ACL is that going to be graded as so? or is it just graded right it wrong because it works?

Test Grades-- Any help on what to study would be appreciated.

Area Test1 Test2

Planning and Design 60% 80%

Implementation+Operation 72% 54%

Troubleshooting 69% 61%

Technology 57% 71%

New Member

Re: CCNA ICND Question

It really depends on the question being asked.

If you have multiple interfaces on a router and you only want to secure the one interface but allow the same traffic to hit the other interfaces you can apply the ACL on the egress of that secure interface. It is a hard question to answer without knowing the context of the design. There is only one right answer on Cisco tests. It is assumed you know the best practice and not just the answer that will make it work. Keep that in mind.

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