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CE500 Catalyst Express 500 won't show in a "show cdp nei"

It is late and I am replacing a mini switch with a CE500. I configured the device through the web front end, but it won't show up even when I try a show cdp nei from the upstream 6513. The 6513 shows it is connected and so does the CE500 - green in the GUI.

I can't ping it either.

This is a worrysome kind of thing. I wonder if the www access is secure. It wasn't in previous switches and was turned off immediately upon powering the unit up. I saw no posts on this subject. Guess everyone was working so hard on getting the thing to work at all.

Corporate security really dislikes web servers on the network. Something about overall security or something. It would have been better to have the CLI... No www.

So much for the idea of a 5 minute job.

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Re: CE500 Catalyst Express 500 won't show in a "show cdp nei"

I just got home from work trying to install a CE500 as well. I tested it last night off the network and was able to connect 2 3560's to it and ping with no problems.

I put it on the network tonight and couldn't ping or see it in CDP. Is there a default encap on the ports of the CE500?

I'm connecting the CE500 to a 2611 that's running ISL. When I switched the SFP port on the 3560s to ISL they stopped working and wouldn't come back up. The other thing I noticed was that the FE interface on my the router was set up weird. It has 2 sub interfaces and the primary interface is in VLAN1 and the other is VLAN10. The problem with that is the LAN is the VLAN10 network.

I tried setting up VLAN10 on the CE500 but it didn't work. And w/o the CLI I can't tell if it even see's anything from the router. I also tried to disable VLAN1 on the CE500 but thats not allowed.

I'm thinking about replacing the 2611 w/ a 2621 and separating the subinterfaces onto 2 different physical interfaces.

We normally use the 3750G-12S but I got the CE500 because of the price. I guess you get what you pay for.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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