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CEF Load balance ADSL connection

Hi there, Can anyone help me with CEF load balance. I have 2 ADSL connections on the router 2811 and I am trying to load balance over these 2 links. Please see the attachment for my current configuration. The problem is I tried to browse the internet some website is not accessible and if it can access it take a long time to change from page to page. What is the problem here? I understand that the router see the 2 default route with the same cost and CEF will load balance the traffic using per-destination by default.. But the problem is exists.. Anyone has any idea what I did wrong..

Thanks in advance..

Super Bronze

Re: CEF Load balance ADSL connection

Just to confirm - so you only have performance issues when you try to use both interfaces concurrently? I.e., either used alone works fine.


BTW, one common issue with ADSL is outbound bandwidth being slower than your interface bandwidth and FIFO queuing on the provider side. Such can often be improved by shaping to uplink bandwidth and using FQ.

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Re: CEF Load balance ADSL connection

Thanks Joseph,

I only have performance issues when I try to use both interface concurrently. Right now, I took one ADSL link out and it is working perfectly.

Thanks for recommendation on the traffic shaping. I will try this also.

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Re: CEF Load balance ADSL connection

Any comment on what could be the problem here? I am still waiting for all comments form all experts...


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