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Challenge on complex Policy Based Routing

Please help me on this?.

I need to forward traffic to two different next hops based on source IP and the attribute (tag, community, other your suggestion) the BGP passes with the route that points that source IP.

I?ll try with an example: I have two different remote sites. Traffic from both sites comes to my first router (R1). On this router R1 the routes to the sites are passed via BGP. The route to Site1 has a community set to ?blue? and the route Site2 has a community set to ?red?. Now when traffic comes from bule-site must be forwarded to R2 and if traffic comes from a red-site must be forwarded to R3.

Any suggestion? I actually can change almost everything? I mean I can use route tagging or a different bgp attribute or even a different routing protocol.

Thanks a lot

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Re: Challenge on complex Policy Based Routing

Use PBR on R1, match the source IP adress of site 1 and then set ip next hop to R2 and match the source IP address of site 2 and set ip next hop to R3..

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