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Change Totally Stub to NSSA no-summary in Routed Access Layer Design

Hi guys,

I'm using the document High Availability Campus Network Design Routed Access Layer using EIGRP or OSPF

to design my network...

Here the link...

Anybody see problems if I change the Totally Stub Areas to NSSA Areas to permite redistribute external OSPF networks in the NSSA Areas in the future..

Basically, I wanna change

area XXX stub no-summary


area XXX nssa no-redistribution no-summary

I think both are in the best practices, I just wanna confirm that...

Thanks in Advanced

My Best Regards,

Andre Lomonaco

Hall of Fame Super Silver

Re: Change Totally Stub to NSSA no-summary in Routed Access Laye

Hello Andre,

you should be fine.

My only doubt is that you may need also

area XXX nssa default-information-


(Optional) Used to generate a Type 7 default into the NSSA area. This keyword takes effect only on the NSSA ABR or the NSSA Autonomous System Boundary Router (ASBR).

on the NSSA ABR(s) to have a default route pointing to core.

I mean ABR generates an 0 IA for a stub area automatically for an NSSA you may need to add this option.


Hope to help


New Member

Re: Change Totally Stub to NSSA no-summary in Routed Access Laye

I agree with Guiseppe that you should be fine. He is using the Totally NSSA so a default route will be generated automatically. The "area XXX nssa default-information-originate" is only used for NSSA as noted by Guiseppe. I would also note that you will not see any redistributed routes in your Totally NSSA with the "no-redistribution" only command Type 7 LSA's will be seen along with the default route will only be seen in your area.



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