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Changing MSTP Config

I am relatively new to MSTP, and before I recommend using it for a network I am looking at, I would like a little clarification.

Within a region, I have seen it documented that the region and version need to match, ot the switches will consider themselves different regions. I am cool with that.

My concern is that documents then go on to add that the vlan to database needs to be consistent. I am OK with the concept, but it looks a little inconvenient in that adding a VLAN at a later date will be disruptive, as there will be periods where the configurations don't match.

It also looks a little awkward in that if a VLAN only needs to go to two switches, all switches in the region need to be reconfigured - am I right?

It looks like the basic idea will have to be pre-provision as much as possible - ie add all 4000ish VLANs to instances, and have maintenance windows where we can move VLANs if we need to - eg if we need to add a few extra VLANs to an instance that is running low on available VLANs.


Re: Changing MSTP Config


The development of the New VTPv3 is designed to carry new vlans within the STP instance besides vlan information/advertisment in Normal VTP operation.

I would suggest if you have alook at any relalated document describing VTPv3.



Re: Changing MSTP Config

Thanks for that - looks worth a read. Unfortunately the switches I am working with at the mo don't do VTP :-(

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