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changing VTP mode - disruptive?

If I convert Client/server environments to transparent mode, will I cause disruption to the existing VLAN's and trunks?


Re: changing VTP mode - disruptive?

Hi Friend,

If you change the switch to the transparent mode, it will not effect the entire LAN but it will certainly take the Vlans connectivity out on the transparent switch, if you dont have the VLANS on its vlan database. These Vlan numbers have to be the same as you want in a VTP domain. The transparent switch doesnot update itself with the VTP update but does forwarding it to the downsteam switches.

So locally on that switch it could be the problem, but if you have your trunk configuration working OK, it will be able to forwrad the VTP updates to the downstream switches.


-amit singh

Cisco Employee

Re: changing VTP mode - disruptive?

Hi Friend,

There will be no impact on the trunks.

During the configuration change to transparent mode, it should not affect normal operation of the switch.

However, keep in mind that the switch on transparent mode will not have it's vlan database automatically updated by the server anymore.Now you will have to configure vlans manually on the transparent switch.

The switch in transparent mode will receive VTP advertisements and will forward them, however, the advertisements will not affect the transparent switch. Therefore, you will need to configure the vlans on the switch manually.

Make sure you do not change the VTP domain name.



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Re: changing VTP mode - disruptive?


In addtition to above posts make sure that u r running VTP Version 2 on the switch which u r changing to transparent as VTP 1 will not farwaord VTP messages to other switches.



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