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Cheap Gigabit Switch?

Hello, I've been studying for my CCNA for some time now and I consider myself quite the geek/nerd. I am setting up some servers and high bandwith video content on my home network as well as VMWare and some other nice toys on my workstations.

I'm looking to install a Gigabit Switch for all my ethernet devices. I decided away from Linksys or DLINK switches since I am trying to get more involved in Cisco.

So can anyone recommend a Cisco Gigabit switch? I'm looking to find the cheapest solution possible but the switch should have all gigabit ports, not just two. Ive found plenty of switches that have 16 10/100 ports but only two 10/100/1000 ports, which just will not work for what I'm hoping to acquire. Anything around 8 ports just be plenty for my needs.


Re: Cheap Gigabit Switch?

Sorry, there really isn't a "cheap" Cisco gigabit switch yet. The cheapest 8 port gigabit switch from Cisco (Cisco Catalyst Express 500G-12TC) is about $1275 list. Keep in mind that Cisco owns Linksys and so most of the gear priced for home use is sold through that company.

Now if you are interested in only 10/100 you might be able to find some good buys on ebay or something.

Hope that helps,


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Re: Cheap Gigabit Switch?

Unfortunately Linksys will not get me use to Cisco devices :). I guess I'll be setting up a linksys switch for my actual network and link in some cheap routers and switches for education use only.

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