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choosing the best router

Hi, every one,

I'm doing some experiment on a project. Here is the problems, as part of the project, I met:

I try to redirect a web service request (from any user in the LAN) to a given small, text-based web page. If a user has already been redirected to that web page, it's not necessary to do it again. I think this situation is similar to the authenticating process of campus wireless network--when a user try to connect to the access point for the first time, he/she was redirected to the login page; and after the successful authentication, he/she no longer need to login in again.

Here is my question:

Is it possible I can achieve those goals by only configure the router (CISCO 2600 series or higher) and store the program control part in the router? What level of router would a building use, suppose the building is not too big (for example, an undergraduate students' dormitory)? From the perspective of experiment, which router may maximize the ratio of the functionality over the cost?

Thanks a lot.



Re: choosing the best router

Router 2600 supports following features

* Internet and intranet access with firewall security

* Multiservice voice and data integration

* Analog and digital dial access services

* VPN access

* Inter-VLAN routing

* Routing with bandwidth management

* Integration of flexible routing and low-density switching

so i think its sufficent for your requirements.

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