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Cisco 1240 Wireless Access Point Reboots

I have a Cisco 1240 AP running over POE. There are 3 AP's in this particular building, none of which have alot of activity.

The AP that is in question hasn't had an active connection to it in about a week, but nonetheless it is in place and coverage needs to remain.

Our logs show high utilization on the ethernet interface with high broadcasts, the radio shows high utilization and sometimes high broadcasts, and BV1 shows high utilization. Within the same time frame (literally the same second all of this gets captured) the AP goes offline and reboots.

The interface it is attached to on the switch does not see the high utilization or broadcasts. We swapped out the POE injector with a known good one and put the suspected one on another AP and monitored both AP's with no change. We have also changed physical ports on the switch and verified all physical terminations.

This also only happens during the week when people are present in the building. Physical security is maintained on all of the equipment to prevent tampering.

Today we had another AP in another building do the same thing. Before I start replacing equipment I want to be sure I know what the problem is.

IOS version is 12.3(8)ja2

There were 2 input errors on the switchport, non-specific.

Any help or suggestions is appreciated.

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