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Cisco 1605r Router - old IOS image

Can anyone please tell me where I can source an old IOS image for a Cisco 1605r.

I currently have a 2MB Flash card, with image C1600-y-mz.112.-14.9 Filename 80218114.

I need it to replace another which router which seems to be faulty, and shows bad checksum errors, cannot save to startup config.

I'd like to copy the config and program the replacement router without switching off the old one if possible.

The one I have as a replacement does not have the full features. I specifically require NAT and looking through the documentation it seems I need an image with a s in the name. e.g. c1600-sy-mz.112-11.P , filename 80217811.

The unit has 8MB main memory. I can find a 4MB flash card but need this 80217811 image to work in this configuration.

I know its an obsolete model, but any help would be much appreciated for a Cisco newby.

Failing that what would be todays equivalent router?

Thanks. Gary

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Re: Cisco 1605r Router - old IOS image

Thank you for your question.  This community is for Cisco Small Business products and your question is in reference to a Cisco Elite/Classic product.  Please post your question in the Cisco NetPro forums located here:

- Routers ----> Network Infrastructure Forum

This forum has subject matter experts on Cisco Elite/Classic products that may be able to answer your question.


(This post has been moved to the correct location)

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