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Cisco 1812 Vlan with a Nortel 450

I have just purchased a Cisco 1812 router and I am have Vlan problems with a Nortel 450 switch.

On the Nortel switch I have 4 vlans.. Vlan 1,2,3,4 with port 1 vlan 1 port 2 vlan 2 port 3 vlan 3 and port 4 vlan 4.

On cisco 1812 Fa0 is on Nortel port 1, Fa1 is on Nortel port 2, Fa3 is on Nortel port3 and Fa4 is on Nortel port 4.

I have made vlan 3,4 in the vlan database

also made inter vlan 3 and 4 and all ports have the correct switchport vlan access.

When I try to ping any of the interfaces I get no reply unless I first start a ping from the router.

Any help would be great.. I am new to cisco Vlans on a router..

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Re: Cisco 1812 Vlan with a Nortel 450

Hi, sound like your switch is not forwarding packet correctly to the router for inter vlan routing. have you any trunk link on the switch, does Nortel 450 support trunking or port channel?

The vlan separate traffic at layer 2, traffic can be routed between vlan with the router which you now have. try setting up a trunk link to the router be default trunks carry traffic for all vlans, check the encapsulation use 802.1q on biths sides. Have a look at the document below for more information.


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