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Cisco 1841 Config for AT&T DSL with static IPs

Currently trying to configure and 1841 with ADSL Wic on AT&T static DSL. There is no PPOE, no user name or password. Just routing. Trying to replace Netopia router.

I'll be using this as a failover from a 2821.

I have a WAN IP and default gateway for the DSL circuit. Then I have a default gateway IP and and 13 usable IPs for my servers. It's all static.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Cisco 1841 Config for AT&T DSL with static IPs

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Re: Cisco 1841 Config for AT&T DSL with static IPs

I've gone through that document and several others. I don't have PPPoE. I don't use a user name or password. AT&T just provides the DSL line. It works on the awful Cayman router. But on the cisco, no go. Here's the layout.

65.x.x.135 Wan IP

65.x.x.134 Default Gateway for the Wan Ip network IP first IP in range last IP in range Default Gateway Broadcast

So, following the Static documents, the DSL line comes up, up. VPI/VCI 0/35

I can assign the 65.x.x.135 Wan IP to atm0/0/0.1 sub interface.

I can ping the 65.x.x.134 Default gateway from atm0/0/0.1

I have static ip's assigned to servers. I can't ping inbound and I can't ping anything past the sub interface. No nothing.

my name servers are in there as well.

The DSL ATM 0/0/0 shows up up. I can watch debug and unplug the DSL line and plug it back in and I can watch it sync with no problems.

I have default route atm0/0/0.1 so everything hits that interface outbound. but doesn't work.

I'm just at the point where I have tried every single document on the Cisco site and still nothing.

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