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Cisco 1900 IOS issue

I have bought a refurbish 1900 switch (1)from EBay it came with Standard Edition IOS it has very limited and bound configuration options where I have 2nd (2)1900 switch which has Enterprise Edition IOS which give me freedom to configure could any one guide me how can I take IOS from (2) out and TFTP to (1)or is there any way where I can download latest version for 1900 series switches and uploaded to my switchs


Zahid Hussain


Re: Cisco 1900 IOS issue

I don't believe you can switch from standard to enterprise on these switches .

New Member

Re: Cisco 1900 IOS issue

Well I don't understand why you find so hard to believe that switch from 1900 standard can run on enterprise IOS any how it is obvious that you are in this field longer then my self I am just a starter I may have wrong understanding of IOS version therefore I am copying the #show version as follow please let me know what that mean and how can I use same Console option on switch (1)as switch(2)

switch(2)version as fallow

1 user(s) now active on Management Console.

User Interface Menu

[M] Menus

[K] Command Line

[I] IP Configuration

Enter Selection: K

CLI session with the switch is open.

To end the CLI session, enter [Exit].

ALSwitch#show version

Cisco Catalyst 1900/2820 Enterprise Edition Software

Version V8.01.02

Copyright (c) Cisco Systems, Inc. 1993-1998

ALSwitch uptime is 0day(s) 00hour(s) 08minute(s) 17second(s)

cisco Catalyst 1900 (486sxl) processor with 2048K/1024K bytes of memory

Hardware board revision is 5

Upgrade Status: No upgrade currently in progress.

Config File Status: No configuration upload/download is in progress

27 Fixed Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 interface(s)

Base Ethernet Address: 00-30-94-7D-FB-80


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