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Cisco 2650XM crashing...


2650XM crashing without any reason. I think it might be a memory problem. Is there any way to test the memory? Or should i test anything else?

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Re: Cisco 2650XM crashing...

i probably solve my problem setting configuration register to 0x2102... Is there any way to test if it's really working?


Re: Cisco 2650XM crashing...

Changing the config register would have no bearing on whether it is crashing or not . The config register basically tells the router where to look for the boot parameters and where the IOS is located when booting . Crashes are either hardware problems or software bugs ...

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Re: Cisco 2650XM crashing...

How can I find where the problem might be ?

Re: Cisco 2650XM crashing...

Hi Fabio,

Could you please attach the booting requence of the router. Check if you have some crash file on the router flash. Break the booting sequence of the router by using CTRL+Break key and you will fall in rommon. Check the dir flash: there and see what's the memory avaiable and how big is you IOS on that. You should also see a crashinfo file there. Attach it here and let us see what could be the problem.

-amit singh

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