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Cisco 2811 Integrated Service Router functionality?

Hi to everyone,

I am looking for a router solutions for my company and I have thought in this router Cisco 2811 for my company connections LAN either WAN.

I have two questions and doubts about this router.

First of them,

Would be possible to connect two ADSL in the same router and set two different networks?

I also would like to know if would be possible to connect two ADSL to the same router and put them together in the same network joining the two features router E.G: 512Mb ADSL+ 512Mb Mb ADSL = 1Gb network? or maybe the network would use one ADSL and if the network it will be overload it can take the second ADSL.

I have just want to make sure which Cisco router would be the best for my company network.

Thank you for your help.

New Member

Re: Cisco 2811 Integrated Service Router functionality?

Cisco has an ADSL HWIC module that will work with the 2811

It should take 4 of these out of the box and possibly 8 if you convert the NME bay.  PPP Multilink is an available feature and you certainly could set up routing for active & standby links as well.


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