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Cisco 2900 gateway & dhcp issues after TFTP


I just completed a lab installing a TFTP on my server, saving the router startup config and reinstalling it after erasing it on my router. The issue is, i had my gateway as on g0/0. after reloading the DHCP on my server assigned g0/0 I made a new reservation for on g0/0 mac address, but when i reload and reboot the address remains i figure this is to do with lease time, but is there a way to prevent this and force g0/0 to take the 10.1 address. when i try to configure the address in the router i get the error

YNWA(config-if)#ip add

IP address conflicts with gateway ip address in static routing table

Yet i see no ip address in the routing table that conflicts and if i use the no ip route the message i get is no matching route found.

If anyone can help i would appreciate it thank you

Cisco Employee

Cisco 2900 gateway & dhcp issues after TFTP

When I had this problem, I had a static route to my loopback ip address with the gateway ip address of a connected interface which was incorrect. Check your configuration in the "show run" and look for the "ip route" commands near the bottom of the "show run". Make sure the gateway address on the ip route command is correct and does not match another ip address on your device.

Router(config)# ip route [network] [subnet mask] [Gateway address]

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