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Cisco 2911 config with COI connection

I am working on a config to help with VOIP issues and some expansion for my company.

we have a COX Optical 25 meg fiber line coming in to their equpment.

its patched via Cat6 which is plugged in to a 8 port netgear gigabit switch

with 2 connections going in to a sonic wall 2400 ports X1 and X2

ports X0 is plugged in to the network on 2 cisco switches for data

X4 is plugged in to 2 cisco switches with all the VOIP phones plugged in.

the vendor says having our VOIP phones going though the Sonic wall is bad so I want to configure the 2911 to handle voip side and leave the data going though the Sonic wall.

I would like to replace the 8 port swith that takes the COX feed and plug it in to GE0/0

and use GE0/1 for the Data to the sonic wall

and use GE0/2 to the cisco switch for the voip side

no wan cards in the router yet and the more I look at it I dont think its possible to eliminate the 8 port switch with out adding something to the 2911

I can upload a drawing to help

thank you

New Member

Cisco 2911 config with COI connection

This is just the device we bought not sure if its hte best device, but along with moving the VOIP connection outside of the sonic wall this router will be used later for a MPLS connection in a few months.

the switches in use are SG500-28P

if a better device would be suited for this task I am all ears

thank you here is a drawing of what we are trying to accomplish

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