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cisco 2960-s stack problem

hi all,

i try to counfigure 2X 2960-S as stack , one is 48 ports and the other is 24 ports.

i configured the command switch 1 priority 14 and the renumber command.

when the switches is restarted the 48 port sw is the master and this is ok.

when i take the master down, the 24 ports SW is take the master , but when the master (48) is back to live , he is boot as member.

how can i force the 48 take the master again?





Hello.After a new stack


After a new stack master is elected and the previous stack master becomes available, the previous stack master does not resume its role as stack master.

Per documentation:

A stack master retains its role unless one of these events occurs:

  • The switch stack is reset.*
  • The stack master is removed from the switch stack.
  • The stack master is reset or powered off.
  • The stack master fails.
  • The switch stack membership is increased by adding powered-on standalone switches or switch stacks.*

In the events marked by an asterisk (*), the current stack master might be reelected based on the listed factors.


PS: could you clarify why do you have the requirement?

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If you want switch 1 to be

If you want switch 1 to be the stack master again, you'll need to reboot switch 2. 



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"If you want switch 1 to be

"If you want switch 1 to be the stack master again, you'll need to reboot switch 2."


and so i did,

but there is no other way? 

if the master experience some failure it will not back again to be master until the other member will reset?

bad news sad

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No.  There is no way to

No.  There is no way to switch 1 to "regain" switch master status without the current switch master rebooting.  


This is the most sensible way.  It's not like HSRP or something.  If you have a mechanism like what you are thinking of then it will cause more network instability (because the switch master has to reboot so the original switch master can take over).  Now what if the original switch master has a problem with the IOS (and keeps crashing and rebooting) or a hardware failure.  With your idea that the switch master will ALWAYS gain switch master status means that everytime this switch comes back online, whoever is the switch master has to relinquish control by rebooting.  Think about it.  It doesn't make any sense.

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