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Cisco 2960X - power inline auto max 15400


I have a new stack of five 2960X's and recently started to configure the stack, and found the "power inline auto max 15400" on my 3rd switch in the stack.  I did a "show power inline" and confirmed it set the max to 15.4 instead of the default 30.0 found on the other switches in the stack.  I (nor anyone else) has entered this command on any interfaces on this stack. 

What would trigger this to appear if it was not manually entered?  I noticed this on a single switch in another stack I was working on previously as well.


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I have seen this on our 2960x

I have seen this on our 2960x stacks too. 

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If you do a show run all you

If you do a show run all you will see the configuration on the port is :

 power inline auto max 15400
 power inline static max 15400

If you change it to

power inline auto max 30000


power inline static max 15400

will go away.


Not sure why some switches default on 15400 and others on 30000.


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+5We just deployed a dozen of


We just deployed a dozen of these for a customer - all the exact same hardware and software revision (WS-C2960XR-48LPD-I running 15.2(3)E2 ).

I but a basic identical template config on every one - changing only the hostname and management IP address per switch.

11 of the 12 were fine. #12 only had the errant command show up on all of its interfaces. I made the change dwilliams suggested and voila they were all identical.



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me too! My first time with

me too!


My first time with these switches and i am setting them up. noticed that the second switch in the stack created a line under all the interfaces for just that one switch. Don't think it hurts anything. But I would also like to know where it came from and why it is there.

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Re: me too! My first time with

I run "no power inline auto max 15400" and the line was removed.


When I did a show power inline Gix/x/x


#show power inline Gix/x/x
Interface Admin  Oper       Power   Device              Class Max
--------- ------ ---------- ------- ------------------- ----- ----
Gi1/0/7   auto   on         6.3     xxxxxxxxxx       2     30.0

Interface  AdminPowerMax   AdminConsumption
             (Watts)           (Watts)
---------- --------------- --------------------

Gix/x/x               30.0                 30.0

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