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Cisco 2960X traffic limit on http

Hi guys,

I need some help regarding to traffic filtering on new 2960X switch.

I went through on few articles regarding to mls qos and bandwidth limit, but could not find what exactly I need.
Right now our 192.168. network is routed with this 2960 switch and I need to get some limit on http/ftp downloads.

Our uplink right now is 100Mb and we need to limit users, because the front end routers measured by forwarded traffic.
The front end routers are sitting in a Data-center and we have the uplink to there, and the traffic cost hell of a lot on those devices.

I was thinking to do the filtering on the front-end routers, but we need to have the fully 100/1000Mb connections for the live traffic.

So basically I would need some kind of rules to filter out only http/ftp traffic but leave the others unfiltered.
Meaning we need the full access on this leased line connection to reach the other side of the network, but filter the 192.168.x.x traffic tcp/http and tcp/ftp.

I never really used QoS and as I saw it's not an easy task to set it up correctly.

So I would need something similar with like this:

"srr-queue bandwidth limit 20", but filtered only to http/ftp traffic.

Thanks very much in advance! 

New Member

Hi Guys,Finally I used one of

Hi Guys,

Finally I used one of our core router to sort this issue out.
The rate-limit worked quiet well on it and I managed to limit the upload/download traffic. 


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