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Cisco 3560 switches abnormal behaviors

Kindly help me in this !.......

We are experiencing some abnormal behaviors from the two Cisco 3560 switches installed with the blade servers. A number of times it has happened that a port changes its mode from gig to fast Ethernet. Also sometimes when we connect servers directly to the switches, the server’s response time on the network decreases and considerable delays are observed in the ping packets.

One time during our scheduled shutdown of the switches, configurations done on switch-1 were somehow lost when the switch was powered back on and amber lights on ports were observed. The switch had to be reconfigured.

switches again behaved abnormally and it was observed that all ports were blinking together at a very rapid pace. No network traffic to or from the blade servers was able to pass through the switches. Eventually we had to restart the switches.

and how i may take the log of the switch for that abnormal behavior.

is this a hardware Failure or IOS issue....?


New Member

Cisco 3560 switches abnormal behaviors

any one help me in this ?

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