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Cisco 3560 uplinking

can any body tried to aggregate the Four SFP ports on Cisco Catalyst 3560G-24PS-S switch,

which it it is required to connect end users to it via 10/100/1000Base-T ports then make the uplink connected to Cisco 4510R-E Core Switch via 2uplinking(One Fiber and Other UTP to provide 2x1000Base-T uplink)

the same configuration will be on Core Switch 4510R-E switch which we need to aggregate two ports one fiber and one UTP on different modules to provide also 2x1000Base-T ports on the Core Switch.

please advice with your experience.

i can send the design for more details about my network


Re: Cisco 3560 uplinking

This can certainly be done, even though I wouldn't think that using fiber, and UTP would be the best idea for a port channel. Is there a reason why you would want to use fiber and copper? Here is a guide for configuring etherchannels.



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Re: Cisco 3560 uplinking

i want to configure it for redundancy purpose

as one Fiber upling if failed the other UTP uplink will take over.

that is because the customer want fiber connectivity,

but my thinging is to ask for buttlenek as if i connected 25 switches(3560G-24PS-S) with two uplink ports(total 2000Gbps)then uplink them on Cisco 4510R-E on ( via 2000Gbps aggregated ports)

please advice for this technical situation.

Re: Cisco 3560 uplinking

I understand what you trying to do. I was just asking to get an understanding on why you wanted to use copper and fiber. I'm sure this will work, just remember that both links must be configured the same, and be the same speed.

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Re: Cisco 3560 uplinking

Yes - I had the same request to do this once for redundancy purposes. So that if somebody cut through the building VCC Fibres it the UTP would instantly take over the traffic.

Unfortunately this cannot be done even though in theory it would appear it could. The only reason I beleive that you cannot use etherchannel or LACP with two types of media is that you will have ever so slightly different propogation delay's due to higher electrical resistance over copper media compared to the photon's over fibre. However this is only my guess on why it is not allowed. I would be intrested to know of anyone else's opinion?

This type of port aggregation is not permitted with Nortels version of Etherchannel which is MLT and SMLT (Multi Link Trunking)so it is not just a cisco restriction.

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Re: Cisco 3560 uplinking

I have found some documentation that suggests that it may well be possible to run a mixed media port channel of both copper and fibre on 6500 running IOS and not CatOS only. Can't find anything on other models about mixed media though.

" The Ethernet interfaces that participate in an EtherChannel can include both the copper and fiber-optic ports "

Definately cant be done with MLT/SMLT.

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