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New Member

Cisco 3560G-48PS and 6509

Hi all,

I have a couple of questions regarding the above switch and hope I can get some answers with your help...

Firstly the switch (WS-C3560-48PS-E) which is gigabit to the 48 ports, is that also gigabit only through the SFP's or are they 10 G?

Secondly if they ARE 10 G then when they are trunked to a 6509 (WS-X6408A-GBIC module) which I beileve is a 1G port (correct me if im wrong), will it bring down the 3560 to 1G or will it not work?

As some background info the idea is to upgrade our network which consists of 6509 core with the WS-x6408A-GBIC fibre module which is connected to the edge switches (mixture of various 3500's). We would like to upgrade all edge switches to 3560G-48PS to enable gigabit to desktops but was just unsure of its compatibility with the current fibre module in the 6509 core.

Thanks in advance!



Re: Cisco 3560G-48PS and 6509


The 3560G gives you 48 1000baseT ports and 4 dual purpose SFP ports which can be used for fiber as well as copper.

If you want 10G uplinks, you would require the E-series Chassis. The connection to 6509 should not be a problem. you would just require the correct fiber cable (SC-LC or LC-LC etc)

BTW can you let me know why do you require gig ports to desktop? If you plan to do this you would have an oversubscription ratio of 1:48 or 1:12 (if etherchannel is configured)

This should not be a concern though, as under normal conditions it is very unlikely that a PC would generate 1 gbps of traffic



New Member

Re: Cisco 3560G-48PS and 6509

Hi Narayan,

OK so there are two types of 3560's? Do you know the part number or know where I can get the part number from for the E series? (is that the difference between a WS-C3560G-48PS-E and WS-C3560G-48PS-S ?

at the moment if the 6509 module only supports 1gig uplinks with the fibre card we currenly use, what would happen if the 3560's have 10gig uplinks?

We want gigabit to the desktops as at the moment we have the opportunity to upgrade our switches and as some of our applications are bandwidth intensive (graphics etc), Gigabit to the desktop seemed a viable option.


Re: Cisco 3560G-48PS and 6509

Yes there are 2 types

The part number for the E-series would be




WS-C3560E-48TD-E and there are PoE options as well

have a look at this link

In WS-C3560G-48PS-E the E indicates enhanced Image which supports advanced QoS, Full L3 routing features like EIGRP, OSPF. It also supports RSTP and MST.

The WS-C3560G-48PS-S supports basic L3 functionality like EIGRP stub etc.

Have a look at the FAQ

HTH, rate if it does


New Member

Re: Cisco 3560G-48PS and 6509

If you haven't purchased anything yet, you might also want to consider using the 3750G. These stack, so you can treat all the switches in a closet/IDF as one device. It also provides high speed between members within the stack. You can also route within the stack. Believe the SFP ports can work with your exiting 6509 WS-X6408A-GBIC.

The 3750-E model has module interfaces that can provide 10 gig. This model can be placed in a stack with the 3750G, providing the stack a 10 gig uplink option. (You can also have all members on the edge this model, at a higher cost though.)

If you want to move into 10 gig, you might consider what other upgrades your 6509 should have besides 10 gig line cards.

New Member

Re: Cisco 3560G-48PS and 6509

Thanks jwdoherty,

I was thinking of that and as the new 3560/3750 will all have a ten gig uplink to the 6509's, how would we upgrade the 6509 to support the 10gig uplinks? is it a case of just replacing the WS-X6408A-GBIC with something else or will it involve replacing the supervisor engines also?

Thanks in advance


Re: Cisco 3560G-48PS and 6509

If you replace the 6408 with a 10gig card on the 6509 you have to have a SUP720. If you don't have a SUP720 then you will have to purchase the 10gig line card, a SUP720, powersupplies, and highspeed fantray.

New Member

Re: Cisco 3560G-48PS and 6509

Besides the information that Andrew provided, for user facing edge I would go with the newer 8 port 10 gig card unless the 2:1 oversubscription to the fabric has you concerned. The 8 port card also comes with a DFC.

Do keep in mind, with 10 gig, the interface modules vary greatly in cost. I.e. use those that will work on your fiber for the distance needed.

New Member

Re: Cisco 3560G-48PS and 6509

Thanks again jwdoherty, but what do you mean by "2:1 oversubscription to the fabric"?


New Member

Re: Cisco 3560G-48PS and 6509

The 6509 with a sup720 has 40 Gbps of bandwidth to each slot. Since an 8 port 10 gig card provides 80 Gbps, its ports have twice the bandwidth the slot can actually move to anywhere else in the chassis. Hence the 2:1 oversubscription.

To help deal with this, the 8 port 10 gig card has larger on-card buffers. You can also not use all the ports to reduce the oversubscription to something less then 2:1. (In fact, I believe there's a special command to disable half the ports.)

However, I think it unlikely that the user side will overrun the fabric, but something to keep in mind.