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Cisco 3700 series switch

Dear All,


Is really cisco 3700 switch is EOL. Can anyone please let me know the reason or is there any technical bugs ?


Appreciate for the response


Well the reason why the

Well the reason why the device is EOL for the most part is because they have a new hardware release, in the form of the 3650s and 3850s more power and features e.g., converged access(LAN+WLAN)

Anyway, EOL & EOS announcement can be found HERE
Note that (depending on your 3750 model) the 3750 device maybe EOL BUT Cisco will still support you if there are any hardware issues found but the farthest I can find it until Dec 2017

Bugs? well that's firmware specific ^_^
Release notes of 3750 firmware can be found HERE

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Duplicate of Cisco 3700

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How Many users can be

How Many users can be connected with this Equipment: AIR-CAP3702E-A-K9

y need to connect a least 100 users.




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