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cisco 3750 OQD


i have one cisco 3750x switch. i have some basic qusestion about this cisco.

  • •1)      I have configure 10 mbps uplink on port 48. Normal utilization is 2 to 3 mbps. Whenever I seen interface summery OQD value is so high. How can I control this OQDrop or how can I clear OQD history?

Interface               IHQ   IQD  OHQ   OQD  RXBS RXPS  TXBS TXPS TRTL


GigabitEthernet1/0/48    0     0    0 1190583 678000  973 3378000  1048    0

  • •2)      Now I have 3 user account for login this cisco switch. I need be monitor the 3 user, what they doing and what command they apply on this cisco.
  • •3)      How can I create one ready only user.( who is only view the cisco configuration)

Request all kindly clear my doubts.

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Re: cisco 3750 OQD


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#1 Controlling OQD can be difficult if your 10 Mbps uplink is oversubscribed.  A normal utilization of 2 or 3 Mbps can be very misleading.

The 3750 series are a bit notorious in having "small" hardware buffers that can lead to premature packet drops.  To get the most out of the 3750 buffers, either disable QoS, if unnecessary, or you need to tune buffer settings.  (NB: tuning 3750 buffers requires an indepth understanding of your traffic, your QoS requirements, and the buffering architecture of the 3750 series.)  On the 3750X, the uplink ports are documented as providing the same amount of RAM as 24 edge ports, so if possible, move your uplink to an uplink port.

The 3750 also, I believe, supports flow control, but I wouldn't normally recommend using that.  If the other ports are all host ports, and pausing their ingress is acceptable (and if they support flow control), it's something to consider.

As to clearing drop stats, some, I believe, can be cleared with the "clear counters" command, but some, I also believe, only clear with a device reload.

#2 I'm not 100% sure, but I think device user command monitoring might require AAA.

#3 That could be done via AAA, or it might be done by using privilege levels.

NB: All of the above, i.e. buffer tuning and/or security monitoring and/or user command invocation security, are a bit involved.  I.e. you might not obtain a "simple" reply that says something like add these 3 lines.

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