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cisco 3750 ping failures after stack upgrade

I just updated my 4 stack of 3750X switches from 12.x IOS to 15.0.2 IOS. Only 2 of them updated correctly the first time, I had to manually update to the other 2. After getting all of them upgrade I restarted the entire stack.

After that I cannot get PCs not on my default VLAN to talk to their DHCP servers or ping anywhere in the network. I get a "PING: transmit failed. General failure". I can however, ping into my default vlan from the switch and ping out to other locations from the switch.

I've tried the following:

  • Checking firewall status on several (WIN 7) pc's, it's off
  • Changing ports on switch (no change)
  • Restarting the PC (no change)
  • Release/renew ipconfig (no change)
  • flushdns (no change)
  • clear ARP table on switch
  • set un-set spanning-tree portfast (no change)
  • check interface status (up and up)
  • check vlan interface status (up and up)
  • changed vlans (no change)
  • checked VLAN help addresses (still there)

Any help at this point is appreciated as my network is entirely down right now.

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I can set my laptop

I can set my laptop statically to a VLAN address, and I can ping out, get to the internet, ping between VLANs, etc. But if I just set a port (or leave it in the default VLAN) it will give me the “PING: transmit failed. General failure.” DHCP requests still aren’t getting fulfilled and even pings won’t go through if there’s not a statically set address. Nothing changed on my server configs and I even restarted my DHCP servers after encountered this problem. My guess is this is a new feature that’s turned on by default in the new IOS that needs to be disabled. Any help is appreciated.

New Member

I thought I was onto

I thought I was onto something with this DHCP snooping thread:

But after checking my switch it is not operational.

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