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Cisco 3750 Stacking with different IOS Image



I have two cisco 37450 layer3 switches.

The first switch details are:-

WS-C3750-48TS , SW version (12.2 (25) SEE1), and the SW image (C3750-IPSERVICESK9-M) the ports Fa 10/100



The second switch fetails are:-

WS-C3750X-24, SW version (12.2(55)SE5), and the SW image (C3750E-UNIVERSALK9-M) the ports Giga 10/100/1000


Please is it possible to stack these switches together or it must be the same HW specifications or must be the same SW version and image??


Appreciate your support,





Hi,you cannot mixup 3750 and


you cannot mixup 3750 and 3750-X because they are using different StackWise technology.

3750 use StakWise

3750-X use StackWise Plus and they are not compatible.

Also you should run same version of IOS and software features like ipbase or ip services have to be same on all switches you want to add to stack.





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My understanding (and experience?) is quite different from Jan's.


You can mix StackWise and StackWisePlus technologies (I've done it) but you'll lose StackWisePlus enhancements.


You can mix features sets (I've done it).  However, if you're using advanced features, found on one switch, and it fails, you lose those features across the stack.  (So, it's a good idea to have at least two stack members with "better" feature set, for redundancy.)


You can also mix IOS versions, but dissimilar versions must support the same StackWise version.  Easiest way to insure this, run the same IOS version on all switches.


One last gotcha, which doesn't appear to apply to you, the 3750G-12S has additional SDM templates, unique to that model.  If you stack it with other models, you need to use one of the common SDM templates.



Overlooked another gotcha, 3750X, running LANBASE, won't stack with others.


Hi Joseph,I think you can mix

Hi Joseph,

I think you can mix 3750-E and 3750-X and then it will be downgraded to StackWise. But are you sure you can mix 3750V1 with 3750-X?

Thanks for clarification,


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99.9% sure.  Have mixed

99.9% sure.  Have mixed 3750Es with original 3750 series.

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I agree with Joseph.  You can

I agree with Joseph.  You can mix-stack 3750/G/E/X together but your stack ring speed will depend entirely on the lowest-common-denominator.  


Next, to answer your question, no.  You cannot stack the two switches together because they are both running different IOS versions.  There's is also a possibility that, in event of a failure, your stack may fail because the 3750E/X may NOT be running IP Services feature set.  


For your stack to work, make sure all members of the stack have the same IOS version as well as the same feature set.  


In case you're wondering, yes I have a few stacks that are a combination of 3750/G with either 3750E or 3750X and they work but running at a lower stack ring speed.

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