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Cisco 3750v2 VS 3850


We are in the process of replacing an order for Cisco switch and we got an upgrade offer without extra cost from 3750 V2 to 3850,

1- Is there a technical comparison between the two models?

2- Our big concern is about stacking, how many is supported by 3750 v2 ( I think 9) and how many for 3850 ( Is it 4)?

It is a critical decison as we are talking about 100 unit

Your help is appreciated.


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Cisco 3750v2 VS 3850

Hi Mohammed,

EOS and EOL:

The new 3850 series is replacing the 3750 series switches.  Have a look at below data sheet for different models with different options.

3750V2(Up to 9 units can be stacked together for a maximum of 468 10/100 ports)

3850 ( stacking Bandwidth 480G/ Max stacking member 9)


Hope it helps.

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Cisco 3750v2 VS 3850

End-of-Sale and End-of-Life Announcement for the Cisco Catalyst 3560V2 and 3750V2 Switches

Currently, you can stack only up to 4 3850.  Future software releases will allow up to 9.

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Cisco 3750v2 VS 3850

Just to confirm

- The number of stacking in 3850 is 4 ? is it confirmed?

- The EOL for the 3750 v2 is Nov,2013 and the replacement is 3650 , is it correct? is it higher in Spec.?

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Cisco 3750v2 VS 3850

Hi Mohamed,

3850 support 9 switches in the stack if the switches run 03.03.00 code. You can check the release note for the same.

Thanks & Regards,
Karthick Murugan

Thanks & Regards, Karthick Murugan CCIE#39285
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Re: Cisco 3750v2 VS 3850

Yes for 3750 V2, EOS and EOL is 14th November.

As per Cisco document replacement product is 3650.

For the 3850 the minimum to form a stack is 2 .
The current maximum for 3850 is 4 , and in future it will be 9.

Hope it helps

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Cisco 3750v2 VS 3850

You mean EOL is 13th November 2013 and EOS is November, 14, 2015.

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Re: Cisco 3750v2 VS 3850

That was my type failure :)
EOL and EOS both is 14th NOV but the year is diff:
EOL: 14/11/2013
EOS: 14/11/2015

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Re: Cisco 3750v2 VS 3850

The 3850 is an all round better switch.

The stack ring provides much more bandwidth than the 3750 and it has the option of a built in wireless lan controller, just to name two advantages.

As mentioned by Karthick, you can stack upto nine with a later firmware.

Bear in mind, the 3850 does not stack with the 3750 models and the stack cables are different.

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Re: Cisco 3750v2 VS 3850

If I had this choice, I would always go with 3850. 3850 has inbuild WLC functionality & would be a great product to have time to come. Also it has lots of advanced features (Netflow,Higher throuput, etc)

You may not have the feature parity with the current 3750 product suite, but it is just matter of time. Go with 3850



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