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cisco 4000 router

I got an old cisco 4000 series router out of my dad's shed to help me learn to program routers for my ccna certification exam. I think I programmed the router correctly, but none of my ports on my modules seem to work. One of the lights is on but when I plug my computer into the ethernet port on the module via crossover cable, it says a network cable is unplugged. I also cannot ping the ip addresses of the ports through hyperterminal via the console port. Please help!

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Re: cisco 4000 router


The 4000 is indeed an old Cisco router. But the basics of IOS have not changed much and it should be a good router to learn on.

I think the most likely issue is media type. The 4000 router Ethernet interface has a connector for a transciever for AUI connection and also an RJ45 for 10BaseT. Since you describe connecting via crossover you must be using the RJ45. I suggest that you make sure that you have configured media type for the interface that you are using as RJ45.

If that does not resolve your issue there could be other things as well. It would help if you would do show run (in privilege mode) and post the output so that we can see how it is configured and perhaps help to find the problem.



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