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cisco 4006 in cisco 6509 network

I am facing a design problem can any one help on this regard.

i will currently explain my current setup. we have two cicso 6509 with HSRP and two FWSM failover pairs in two switches. The cisco 6509 switches hoists all vlans for data centre and users network. For users network redundancy we have installed a cisco 4006 containg only user vlans and used to dial users to a remote DR data centre in case of primary data centre switchover of services to DR data centre. The cisco 4006 will have a LL line specifically to route users to DR Data centre.

what design i must use to cisco 4006 switch in case of

interface vlan configuration, STP, ether channel to primary core switches, routing.

this cisco 4006 must be ideal will no participation in network in normal conditions. can any one show some docs or some hints for this design.


Re: cisco 4006 in cisco 6509 network


What is an "LL Line"?

What role are the 4006 switches playing? You said the 6509s are hosting the user and data center vlans. How so? Do they have the L3 SVis built on them and are they in an HSRP config?

Where do the 4006s come in?

Need more specific info regarding physical connections.



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Re: cisco 4006 in cisco 6509 network

LL is leased line from ISP for WAN link. i have attached an schematic diag which tells lot of info, 4006 switch must route all users traffic to DR data centre in case of disaster. please refer diag. hope i have explained. thanks for your help

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