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Cisco 4500X Auto QoS on EtherChannel interfaces


We are attempting to port-channel on 4500X trunk interfaces with Auto QoS and encountered the following errors as described here:

4500X(config)#int range te1/15-16
4500X(config-if-range)#channel-group 1 mode active 
% The attached policymap is not suitable for member either due to non-queuing actions or due to type of classmap filters.

TenGigabitEthernet1/15 is not added to port channel 1
% Range command terminated because it failed on TenGigabitEthernet1/15
4500X(config-if)#int range te1/15-16
4500X(config-if-range)#service-policy output AutoQos-4.0-Output-Policy
% A service-policy with more than one  type of marking field based filters in the  class-map is not allowed on the channel memberH ports. 


If possible, we would rather use EtherChannel instead of STP for our trunk interfaces between the access and core switches.  However, after encountering the above, we are not sure how to do this on the 4500X's.  Has anyone encountered this issue and been able to work around it?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 









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don't know if you got this

don't know if you got this figured out or not, I see the post was a while ago.


auto QOS isn't configurable on etherchannel interfaces. What you have to do is build the etherchannel and once the interfaces are in the etherchannel, build and apply a service policy.

Ran into this with a recent deployment with 6500s and 4500s with sup7s. There is a pretty good explanation in the medianet campus qos guide that I followed and it worked like a champ. It has specific sections for platforms, and I pretty much just followed the example.

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