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New Member

Cisco 4506E series chassis Issues

Hi All,

I need to ask 2 questions regarding 4506E series Chassis.

1.) Is it possible to order a 5-15R power receptacle for Cisco4506E series chassis?

2.) Can we power on Cisco4506E series chassis with 15-Amp current/120 Volt?

Please let me know, if furthur information required.




Re: Cisco 4506E series chassis Issues

Only PS for 4500 which use 5-15 is PWR-C45-1000AC=.

It will depend on how many blade and what kind of blade are in chassis. You can use power calculator to check if it is enough for your chassis.

New Member

Re: Cisco 4506E series chassis Issues

Hi Buddy,

Thanks for the reply.

Can you please help me in calculating power requirements for 4506-E series with 1300 Watts redundant power supply mode.

Modules used in the Chassis

1.) WS-X4148-RJ - 3 Blades

2.) WS-X4548-GB-RJ45 - 1 blade

Input Power:- 120Volts/15-Amp

Can we power on 4506-E series chassis with above mentioned modules and input power of 120Volts/15-Amp ? If yes, what is the maximum power output can be withdrawn from 1300Watts power supply in redundant mode and inout power of 120Volts/15-Amp?




Re: Cisco 4506E series chassis Issues

Based on:

- Catalyst 4506-E chassis with fans) = 160W

- Not sure what Sup you have but lets say worst case scenario

WS-X45-SUP6-E = 347W

- WS-X4148-RJ = 87W each = 261 W

- WS-X4548-GB-RJ45 = 80W

Total =~ 850W

Now, the 1300W Power supply working @ 100-120V has this specs:

1000 W+ 40 W in redundant mode (Data)

But watch out for this: **16 A @ 100 VAC**

This basically means that a PS giving it's MAX capacity (1000W) requires 16A from the circuit if the input voltage is 100V and if yours is just 15A then be careful. Remember that normally the voltage is not exacly 120V, it will fluctuate.

Your current modules + chassis will only consume 850W so you are good for now but if you add more modules then be carefull because you don't wanna go above 15A

New Member

Re: Cisco 4506E series chassis Issues

Hi buddy,

Thanks for the reply but I need to know the relation between voltage and amperage. As we have 120Volt/15 Amp circuit but specification says it needs 100Volts/16Amp, Will it work?

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