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cisco 6506E catalyst switch


I am having a bit of difficulty building up the components of the Cisco 6506E I am not too sure of the parts i need and I am also using the cisco configuration tool but there are so many componbents and its a bit overwhelming. Cost is a huge factor with the clients put capability and redundancy is also an issue. The device is supposed to function as the LAN core. I have come up with the following:

1. the SUP720 but should it be VSS in case of future expansion or should it be just the SUP720-3b

2. 4000w AC power supply

3. 48 port 10/100/1000 GE mod ( should the line card be DFC)

4. the smartnet contract

5. 512 MB ddr

6. Chasis+Fan Tray+Sup 720-10G; IP base

Am also having huge concerns about redundancy, what would happen God forbid if the 6500 crashes, any suggestions i was thinking the Cisco 4948? is this an ok  recommendation or does any one have additional requirements i should be considering?

the core is the 3945 and there also exists an ASA 5510.

thanks in anticipation of a swift and favorable response



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cisco 6506E catalyst switch

Hi DJ,

1-Are you planning to use the 6500 as a core/distribution layer switch or an access layer switch? I know you mentioned LAN core in your post, but then when I saw this:

48 port 10/100/1000 GE mod ( should the line card be DFC)

I thought you want to use it as an access layer switch.

2-Are you planning for 1Gig uplinks and downlink or 10Gig?

If you are using the switch for the distro/core then you need redundant devices in case there is failure.

Also, if you are planning to use VSS, you sups need to be VSS capable.  The part number for the Sup is:

VS-S720-10G-3C or 3CXL

here are also other part numbers that you need to put in your chassis.  It all depends on your need when it comes to modules, but you diffidently need chassis, PSU, FAN, etc,,,

WS-C6506-EWS-C6506-ECatalyst 6500   Enhanced 6-slot chassis,12RU,no PS,no Fan Tray
Fan Tray   Options
WS-C6506-E-FANWS-C6506-E-FANCatalyst   6506-E Chassis Fan Tray
Module Option   1
Supervisor   Options
VS-S720-10G-3CVS-S720-10G-3CCat   6500 Supervisor 720 with 2 ports 10GbE and MSFC3 PFC3C
RF   Boot Flash Upgrade Options
BF-S720-64MB-RPBF-S720-64MB-RPBootflash   for SUP720-64MB-RP
SP   Boot Flash Upgrade Options
CF-ADAPTER-SPCF-ADAPTER-SPSP   adapter for SUP720 and SUP720-10G
Flash   Memory Options
MEM-C6K-CPTFL1GBMEM-C6K-CPTFL1GBCatalyst   6500 Compact Flash Memory 1GB
SUP4   Expansion
VS-F6K-MSFC3VS-F6K-MSFC3Catalyst   6500 Multilayer Switch Feature Card (MSFC) III
VS-F6K-PFC3CVS-F6K-PFC3CCatalyst   6500 Sup 720-10G Policy Feature Card 3C
VS-S720-10GVS-S720-10GCatalyst   6500 Supervisor 720 with 2 10GbE ports
Module Option   2
Ethernet   Modules
WS-X6708-10G-3CWS-X6708-10G-3CC6K   8 port 10 Gigabit Ethernet module with DFC3C (req. X2)
10GBASE   X2 Module Options
X2-10GB-SRX2-10GB-SR10GBASE-SR   X2 Module
Expansion   Items for WWS-X6708-10G Card Bundles
WS-F6700-DFC3CWS-F6700-DFC3CCatalyst   6500 Dist Fwd Card for WS-X67xx modules
WS-X6708-10GEWS-X6708-10GECat6500   8 port 10 Gigabit Ethernet module (req. DFC and X2)
Power Cables
Catalyst   6500 Power Cables (16A)
CAB-AC-C6K-TWLKCAB-AC-C6K-TWLKPower   Cord, 250Vac 16A, twist lock NEMA L6-20 plug, US
Power Supply   Options
WS-CAC-6000WWS-CAC-6000WCat6500   6000W AC Power Supply
WS-CAC-6000WWS-CAC-6000WCat6500   6000W AC Power Supply
Software   Options
Supervisor   720 10G Software
Native IOS


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Re: cisco 6506E catalyst switch

Thanks alot Sherrif. The switch actually would function as the distro/core switch. The access switches would need to be connected to the 6506 thus the 48 port, we have about 7 2960 switches which function as the access switches with two uplink cables each, the servers would also connect to the 6506. so do you think another switch is required for redundancy or a redundant supervisor engine would just do?

Also do you think the VSS is required or should it be put in place for future expansion? Also i think the VS-S720-10G-3C is a better option since the MSFC and PFC modules are already mounted.

And yeah this really helped.


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cisco 6506E catalyst switch

Your client needs to evaluate the cost of downtime vs the cost of equipment.  The one thing I would recommend is a redundant SUP720.... Two of them in one chassis will add a lot of redundancy and seamless failover if one actually fails.

In regards to a chassis going bad - it is VERY unlikely (not going to lie, I have seen chassis's fail before) but the likelyhood of a line card, power supply or supervisor module failing is much more likely.

Also, what lead you to the SUP720?  Are you doing full BGP routes or something that requires that much power/speed/memory?

If cost truly is a concern, look at a less expensive SUP to start, then upgrade later (if they can stand a little bit of downtime)


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Re: cisco 6506E catalyst switch

Hi Sean. it a financial instituion and real time transactions are ususally carried out so all processes have to be at the maximum speed.

so are u suggesting having a redundant SUP would do rather than having another switch for redundancy?

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cisco 6506E catalyst switch

I've consulted with a lot of financial organizations in New York, Chicago and Palm Beach - it concerns me that the word "cost" is a factor - not because financial institutions steal all of our money, but because most of the have some sort of regulations (SOX, SEC, etc) which gives them specific guidelines for their infrastructure; not equipment/model but [specifically] redundancy and resiliency targets. 

Essentially, anything that is transaction based in the financial word should have a completely redundant chassis with a secondary network to fail to seamlessly (which means take you initial idea and multiply it by 2x).  Again, you need to check with the client about their regulatory requirements for redundancy/IT infrastructure.

Now knowing what you're dealing with, you need to carefully strategize this project and guide the customer accordingly - I'd probably stay away from the 10G card as they're going to bankrupt the client if they really do need 2 per chassis and two chassis.  Additionally you need to carefully investigate their needs - ESPECIALLY in brokerage companies, speed takes a back seat to latency (because transactions are small, they need them to get to the destination quickest rather than moving a large file fastest).


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cisco 6506E catalyst switch

Why a Sup720?  The price of the Sup720 and Sup2T is the same.  If this chassis you're trying to configure is for a core switch then Sup2T is the way to go. 

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cisco 6506E catalyst switch

Hi Leo,

Thanks alot for the heads up about the 2T just hope the reseeler here gives it for the same price as the 720.

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cisco 6506E catalyst switch

If you are indeed interested with the Sup2T, make sure you review your blades.  The 6708, for example, is not supported.  You need to get the X6908-10GE.

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