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Cisco 6509E etherchannel and vlan configuration question


I need help with configuring etherchannel and vlan on a 6509-E IOS switch running s2t54-ipservicesk9-mz.SPA.122-50.SY.bin image.

What is the show command to find out which groups of ports on a 48 port 10/100/1000mb Ethernet  WS-X6748-GE-TX module can be  bundled together to form a eitherchannel.

This 6509 has the following VLAN configurations:

          vlan configuration 1-2,4-7,10,48,66,95,126,128,168,176,192,195,198,212,224,232

          vlan configuration 240-241,250,314-315,324-325,354,400,504,994

          spanning-tree vlan 4-7,10,48,66,95,126,128,168,176,192,195,198 priority 16384

          spanning-tree vlan 224,232,240-241,250,400,504 priority 16384

What is the command to add vlan 97 to the above configuration without blowing things up


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Re: Cisco 6509E etherchannel and vlan configuration question


Why will adding the vlan will blow up the things?

Just add with the following command:

config t#vlan 97

config t#exit

And same goes for the Spanning tree just add to the STP list on the switch were you want this to be on highest priority.

Coming down the question would if you wnt to allow this vlan on the trunk link. AS you know by default any vlans which has been configured on the switch would be flooded on the trunk port , if in case you have manullay allowed some vlan on the trunk port then you need to add this vlan on that trunk port. (Here will be the trick.., you need to copy the allowed vlan list edit/add this vlan and paste it back).

2- Coming to etherchannel question you can use any of the ports to become the etherchannel.

The WS-X6748-GE-TX shares hardware between ports as well, however that hardware is capable of driving all 48 ports at near line rate simultanously which makes it better suited to run etherchannel traffic for the purposes of higher transfer rates which will require the driving of multiple ports sumultanously at near line rates. (I say near because the backplane is only capable of delivering 40GB per slot, and is 8GB shy of the 48GB needed for 48 Gigabit ethernet interfaces)

There is no oversubsription as on 6148 modules.




*Plz rate if this info is helpfull.

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Cisco 6509E etherchannel and vlan configuration question

Hi Inayath,

On the question of the etherchannel, I want to make sure I don't group ports that can't be bundled in an etherchannel.  I remember a CCNP lab where there is a show command that return an output on which switch ports can be bundled together to make a etherchannel.



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Cisco 6509E etherchannel and vlan configuration question

I dont see any ports grouping internally mapped on this module. Hence you can used any ports to bundle the etherchannel.




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Cisco 6509E etherchannel and vlan configuration question

Hi David,

Not sure about a show command, but if you look at the hardware specification you can find it. Here is the document I found,

As per this WS-X6748-GE-TX having 4 port groups (1-12,13-24,25-36,37-48) & mentioned oversubscription ratio is 1.2:1 for this line card

Regarding a single vlan add to existing trunk, you can use the following command under the trunk configured interface. ADD is the important keyword & if you miss it it will overwrite the configured value with new values. With ADD keyword new values will be added to existing one.

"switchport trunk allowed vlan add 97"



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