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Cisco 7606 - PortChannel - Service Instance - Single VLAN - /30


 I wonder if there is some way to balance traffic between a PortChannel with 2 channels of 10G and a single vlan with a prefix / 30 using service instance? 

 I ask this because I'm now a PortChannel between 2 routers using service instance on a single vlan, this vlan is responsible for various transport EoMPLS, I have done experiments using the system load-balance weigthed and it still fails, the channels are configured as passive as below: 

 interface TenGigabitEthernet1/1
 mtu 9216
 no ip address
 ip flow ingress
 history BPS
 mls netflow sampling
 storm-control broadcast level 10.00
 storm-control multicast level 10.00
 channel-group 1 mode passive link 1

interface TenGigabitEthernet1/2
 mtu 9216
 no ip address
 history BPS
 mls netflow sampling
 storm-control broadcast level 10.00
 storm-control multicast level 10.00
 channel-group 1 mode passive link 2

interface Port-channel1
 mtu 9216
 no ip address
 no ip unreachables
 no ip proxy-arp
 ip flow ingress
 mls netflow sampling
 storm-control broadcast level 10.00
 storm-control multicast level 10.00
 no keepalive
 port-channel load-balance link 1
  service-instance 530
 port-channel load-balance weighted link 2
 port-channel load-balance weighted rebalance disable
 port-channel port hash-distribution fixed
 lacp fast-switchover
 lacp direct-loadswap
 hold-queue 4096 in
 hold-queue 4096 out
 l2protocol peer lacp
service instance 530 ethernet
  encapsulation dot1q 530
  rewrite ingress tag pop 1 symmetric
  bridge-domain 530

show ethernet service instance load-balance 
Weighted Load-Balancing Status for Port-channel1
 Rebalancing Status
  Current memberlink weight deviation from mean: 0
  Deviation after rebalancing: 0
  Automatic rebalance threshold: Disabled

 Link ID 2: TenGigabitEthernet1/2
  Total weight assigned to memberlink: 62
  Weight from manual load-balancing: 0
  Service instances: 1420-1421,1424-1427,1440,1549,3352-3353,3450,3461,3463
  Service instances: 3485,3493-3494,3660-3661,3664,3932,3954,3963,4007

Manually Assigned Load-Balancing Status for Port-channel1

 Link ID 1: TenGigabitEthernet1/1 (Active)
  Service instances: 530


show etherchannel port-channel   

        Channel-group listing: 



Group: 1 


        Port-channels in the group: 



Port-channel: Po1    (Primary Aggregator)




Age of the Port-channel   = 29d:13h:16m:53s

Logical slot/port   = 14/1          Number of ports = 2

HotStandBy port = null 

Passive port list   = Te1/1 Te1/2 

Port state          = Port-channel L3-Ag Ag-Inuse 

Protocol            =   LACP

Fast-switchover     = enabled

Direct Load Swap    = enabled


Ports in the Port-channel: 


Index   Load    Port      EC state        No of bits


  0     55     Te1/1      Passive            4

  1     AA     Te1/2      Passive            4


Time since last port bundled:    0d:05h:02m:47s    Te1/1

Time since last port Un-bundled: 0d:05h:02m:51s    Te1/1


show etherchannel load-balance

EtherChannel Load-Balancing Configuration:

        src-dst-mixed-ip-port vlan included

        mpls label-ip


EtherChannel Load-Balancing Addresses Used Per-Protocol:

Non-IP: Source XOR Destination MAC address

  IPv4: Source XOR Destination IP address and TCP/UDP (layer-4) port number

  IPv6: Source XOR Destination IP address

  MPLS: Label or IP


The services instances that are different of the 530 are only MPLS transport that travels on vlan 530, but TX traffic goes some only interface in a PortChannel.

 the question is whether there is any way to make traffic stay balanced across the two interfaces since the src / dst ip is the same.

 follows a brief topology


 me3600 (switchport configuration) 2x10G ======== 7606 (service instance configuration).