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Cisco 7606 with redundant Sup720 IOS upgrade

I will be performing "Performing a Fast Software Upgrade "

Following link explains that

My question is do i have to upload new IOS on both sup-bootflash: and slavesup-bootflash or only to one ?

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Re: Cisco 7606 with redundant Sup720 IOS upgrade

Both. IOS doesn't sync OS files as CatOS does. And be ready for some downtime -- FSU is not fast :)


Re: Cisco 7606 with redundant Sup720 IOS upgrade


Thanks for the reply.

But in step 5 when we do redundancy switchover , it is written in document that

"The redundant supervisor engine becomes the new active supervisor engine running the new Cisco IOS image. The modules are reloaded and the module software is downloaded from the new active supervisor engine.

The old active supervisor engine reboots with the new image and becomes the redundant supervisor engine


which means it copies IOS from new active SUP to old active . I have not tried this so i want to confirm . Have you done this before ?

Re: Cisco 7606 with redundant Sup720 IOS upgrade

When it says the module software it means the line cards. The line cards need to download their software from the active supervisor from the EOBC when they come up in the chassis.

You'll want to ensure that the image exists on both supervisor modules.

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Re: Cisco 7606 with redundant Sup720 IOS upgrade

Many times. You need to copy IOS image to both Sups.

Look at:

The complete procedure is as follows:

show file systems

copy tftp sup-bootflash:

copy tftp slavesup-bootflash:

Or use disk0: and slavedisk0:

show boot

no boot system flash

You MUST clear old boot configuration.

boot system flash sup-bootdisk:

The device name may be different on different Sups (Sup2, Sup720, etc.). DON'T use sup-bootflash: on Sup720 in THIS command. Use sup-bootdisk: instead. (sup-bootflash: is an alias for sup-bootdisk: for IOS, but ROM monitor MAY not be aware of that fact!). Use "show file systems" if unsure.


You MUST save config. Otherwise boot settings are not propagated to the rommon.

show boot

Verify that BOTH rommons are updated with boot settings (on the Active and Standby Sups).

hw-module module reset

Wait long enough. Use

show module

show redundancy states

to verify.

Prepare for some downtime, because at this point RPR is used for redundancy, not SSO.

redundancy force-switchover

This command reloads the active Sup. When it boots SSO mode is activated automatically.


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